Aramis Waxman

Fallcrest Guard


Name: Aramis Waxman
Race: Human
Age: 35
Location: Fallcrest
Occupation: A common guard of Fallcrest, notable for having briefly fought alongside the Party on the night Whitehorn Manor was destroyed.


On the night of the destruction of Whitehorn Manor, the Party emerged from the house after having incapacitated the Banshrae Venin, only to discover that the city was in chaos and the town guards were fighting against several large, wolf-like humanoids and kobolds. Aramis’ fellow guard was killed by one of the creatures, but Aramis survived due largely to the help of the Party.

The next day as the Party set off to ask Lord Markelhay for aid in their journey, Aramis appeared again and warned the party that the mood in the town was panicked and paranoid, and that the party was more likely to find trouble than help for their cause. Despite his warnings, the party decided to press on anyway, whereupon Aramis led them to Nenar Tillamassey, the Captain of the Guard.

Aramis Waxman

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