Brogan Whitehorn


Name: Brogan Whitehorn
Race: Human
Age: 48
Location: Fallcrest
Occupation: Fallcrest’s Chief Constable



Brogan Whitehorn, before his death at the hands of creatures from unknown origins, was Fallcrest’s Chief Constable for twenty two years, a position that combined the office of Chief Justice and Chief of Police. He was elected to that position by the court council through his political and family connections, his father having served some years in the same capacity before him.

Though it was revealed posthumously that Brogan had been a worshiper of the dragon god Tiamat, most citizens of Fallcrest considered him an equitable man who did credit to his position. Though he was known for accepting bribes and other gifts, under his jurisdiction crime in the city of Fallcrest had been low and trials were conducted (unusually for Fallcrest) with a joint jury of councilmembers and citizens from the House of Commons.

Though considered a fair man in general, Brogan was known for a certain lust for treasure, which caused him to take from the party the Dragon Torc they had retrieved from the basement of Arkay Manor.

Brogan was killed in his own home alongside his wife Adele, on the night the Party attempted to break into his home to retrieve the Dragon Torc he had taken from them.

Brogan Whitehorn

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