Elias Arkay


Name: Elias Arkay
Race: Human
Age: At the time of Elizabeth’s death, 31. At the time of his own death, 89.
Location: Arkay Manor
Occupation: Inventor, Alchemist


A brilliant scientist and alchemist, Elias Arkay lost his wife Elizabeth shortly after she gave birth to a stillborn baby that would have been their only son. Arkay became obsessed with solving the “problem” of death, in order to bring Elizabeth back.

To this end he spent the next half century of his life creating artificial bodies out of wood and metal, which he then fused with the souls of the recently departed. Through countless revisions he eventually arrived at an artificial body, or Shell, as he called them, that would suit as the new body for his re-animated wife. However, Arkay himself perished before the experiment could be completed, and with the last of his strength he bound his spirit to the Factory he had created, so that his work could continue without his living self.

When the Factory became possessed by the spirit Malthias, the Party destroyed the machine along with Elias Arkay’s spirit, sending him to rest at last.

Malthias, however, was able to use the Factory machine to transfer his own essence into Elizabeth’s shell. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Elias Arkay

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