Elizabeth Arkay

Dead(?) wife of Elias Arkay


Name: Elizabeth Arkay
Race: Originally Human
Age: 26
Location: Arkay Manor
Occupation: none


Not much is known about Elizabeth from her life as a living human. She was the alchemist Elias Arkay’s wife and great love, but died young. He spent many of the last years of his life trying to resuscitate her, no no avail. Rather than allow her to ever really die, he put Elizabeth’s body in a stasis machine of his own devising. It was this metal body that the daemon Malthias infested and escaped from the party. It’s unknown whether Elizabeth’s spirit still remains inside that metal body with Malthias, though it was implied that the Elizabeth Shell will gain greater power if combined with one of the porcelain masks created by the automaton Angela.

Elizabeth Arkay

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