Fletcher Whitehorn

Son and heir of Brogan Whitehorn


Name: Fletcher Whitehorn
Race: Human
Age: 16
Location: Fallcrest (originally)
Occupation: none, aspiring thief


Fletcher Whitehorn is Brogan Whitehorn’s eldest child and only son. While he was being groomed by his father to assume his position when Fletcher came of age, Fletcher wanted no part of his strict aristocratic life or his father’s position.

Fletcher attempted to escape from his parents and his cosseted life by helping the Party steal the Dragon Torc from his father’s treasury. However, the attempt was derailed when, upon arriving to do the deed, the Party discovered that Whitehorn Manor had already been broken into and partially destroyed, most of its guards and inhabitants killed, and the Torc itself in the possession of Venin, the elder of the Banshrae Sisters. Fletcher’s mother and father had died in the event, and Fletcher’s sister Quinn had vanished, apparently gone from the city.

After briefly attempting to kill Venin himself, Fletcher was taken under the protection of the Lord’s chief steward , who attached the traumatized (and possibly damaged) boy to one of the search parties looking for Quinn.

Fletcher has since reappeared in Winterhaven, claiming that his sister is hiding in town under the protection of the Graye family, to whom the Whitehorns are related.

Fletcher Whitehorn

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