Leif Blackash

A gnome cleric of uncertain alliegance


Name: Leif Blackash
Race: Gnome
Age: 53
Location: Fallcrest / Salt Hall
Occupation: Cleric of Pelor?


The party first crossed Leif’s path in the ruins beneath the town of Fallcrest, where he was badly wounded and surrounded by undead creatures. Having fought off the monsters, the party healed Leif and he temporarily joined them following the concept of “safety in numbers”. Leif explained to the Party that he was a historian who was interested in the ancient past of Fallcrest, when it was a subterranean community of Dwarves and was called Salt Hall. He had joined with a group of ruffians in order to gain access to the inner chambers, but his companions had been tempted by the chambers’ artifacts, and had been destroyed by the undead hordes. Leif himself had been wounded trying to escape.

Though a cleric, Leif did not prove to be the type of man to stay in the rear of the fight. In fact he usually charged to the front lines to confront enemies with his heavy club, his apparent weapon of choice.

Unfortunately, although Leif was useful as an ally and healer, he abandoned the party during a tough confrontation in the room that led to the exit of the area. His true nature and purposes remain somewhat in question.

Leif Blackash

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