Nenar Tillamassey

Captain of the Guard in Fallcrest


Name: Nenar Tillamassey
Race: Human
Age: 45
Location: Fallcrest
Occupation: Fallcrest’s Captain of the Guard


Nenar Tillamassey is a decorated war hero who fought in over twelve significant encounters thoughout the Nentir Vale, most notably the Annan Uprising and the Turse War, in which she united several broken battalions of troops and helped turn the tide of that conflict.

Stocky, strong and plain but good hearted, Nenar has been Captain of the Guard in Fallcrest for ten years. Her tenure has been mostly uneventful, occasionally repelling wandering bands of orcs and goblins, but more often keeping peace within the streets of the city and overseeing the slow reconstruction of the city’s outer walls.

Nenar Tillamassey

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