Nimrozaran the Green

Last Wizard of Fallcrest, Keeper of the Septarch's Tower


Name: Nimrozaran the Green
Race: Human
Age: ?
Location: Fallcrest
Occupation: Wizard (Alchemist)


Nimrozaran is the last living wizard in Fallcrest. He resides in one of the upper floors of the Septarch’s Tower. This lonely structure is a tall, seven-sided spire of pale green stone that doesn’t seem to match anything else in Fallcrest. In the days before the Bloodspear War, this tower was the seat of Fallcrest’s mages’ guild — an order of a dozen or so wizards and arcane scholars. Defensive enchantments prevented the orcs from sacking the tower itself but the guild’s members, much less enchanted, died fighting for the city or fled to safer lands. Nimrozaran is believed to have been alive then, and though he was not the only one of the Guild who survived that conflict, he is currently the last living wizard in the town. Judging from the cluttered decor of bottles, tubes and vials in his study, he is an alchemist of some power. Toby has “borrowed” some of Nimrozaran’s alchemical ingredients for spell casting.

Nimrozaran has also given the Party advice on several occasions, revealing to them something of the nature of the Dragon Torc as well as the Banshrae Sisters and their teleportation amulets. He currently has in his possession the bodies of both of the Banshrae, trapped in a magic ring which prevents them from reviving or escaping.

He has mentioned in passing that he does not have much to do with the politics of Fallcrest, and in fact rarely leaves his tower.

At Nimrozaran’s urging, the Party decided to take the Torc out of the town of Fallcrest and use it to find a powerful magical artifact before the Torc’s creator does.

Nimrozaran the Green

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