Venin and Venus

the Banshrae Sisters


Names: Venin and Venus
Race: Banshrae
Age: Unknown, though Venin claims to be the elder sister
Location: ?
Occupation: Lieutenants of the creature Malthias


Venin and Venus are strange creatures summoned from another plane by the creature Malthias. They are somewhat insectoid in appearance, with long limbs covered in a shiny green skin with a chitinous consistency. They communicate psionically, possessing neither mouths nor lungs, and apparently feel no pain, even when extremely damaged. Despite their willowy appearance, the Banshrae are shockingly strong creatures, using a combination of bloody physical attacks and psionically guided darts that swarm around their enemies, tearing them to shreds.

The Banshrae sisters are fiercely loyal to each other, and to Malthias. They are apparently immortal as long as their master remains alive, and exist to do his bidding. Killed once already, the Banshrae only return, seemingly more powerful each time they are cut down.

Venin and Venus

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