Banshrae Pendant

A golden disc set with a cabochon sapphire on a golden chain.


Move action
Teleport 10 squares within line of sight.
Effect: user teleports and immediately loses hit points equal to half their maximum value.

The Banshrae Pendant allows its wearer to teleport up to 10 squares as long as that square is within the wearer’s line of sight. On arriving at their new location the user takes damage equal to half their maximum value of hit points. These hit points come off a player’s actual hit point value, ignoring any temporary hit points, armor, or other shielding the player may have.

A player wearing the Banshrae Amulet can Grab any one object, creature, or other player they would normally be able to carry and teleport with it. Upon arriving, the wearer of the amulet can choose the location of its companion is any square adjacent to itself. The accompanying person, creature, or object does not take damage from the teleportation action.


Venin and Venus used these amulets, a ruby and a sapphire respectively, to teleport around and out of combat, before they were defeated and their pendants collected by the party. While these amulets are painful for the party to use, they don’t seem to harm the Banshrae.

One of the amulets was lost in the final confrontation with Elias Arkay’s Factory Shell.

Banshrae Pendant

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