Dragon Torc

A Silver Torc studded with glittering Black Diamonds


It allows the wearer to see magical items, even through solid walls. These Seeing is represented by a cloud of gold that roughly represents the size and the magical power of the artifact. However, while the Torc is being worn it also physically blinds the wearer to everything else.

Each time the Torc is removed, it does immediate damage to its wearer equal to half their maximum hit point value.


The ice dragon Szytherrax was wearing this piece of jewelry as a ring when it died. Later in the same dungeon, the party was accosted by a pair of Banshrae who claimed to have owned the dragon, and the magical artifact it was wearing. Presumably, the Banshrae Sisters or their master gave the Torc to the dragon in order to help it find whatever great power the Master is searching for.

The Torc has been recently repaired at an arcane jewelery shop in Winterhaven.

Dragon Torc

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