Tag: winterhaven


  • Saia Venhonne

    Not much is known about Venhonne. He is well-spoken and seemingly very knowledgeable about werewolves. He urges caution and precision in dealing with his quarry, in contrast to the hack and slash philosophy espoused by some others.

  • Granby Ninefingers

    Granby Ninefingers is Master Herbalist in Winterhaven. He is an extremely knowledgeable herbalist, though he is often cagey with his information, not sharing any of his expertise for free. He claims to be immune to most poisons, due to his lifelong …

  • Lord Caden Graye

    Caden Graye claims the title of Lord, but he also appears to be an independently wealthy figure, citing many different companies (some in the great port city of Sephina-Tasserene) he has owned and to which he has lent start-up money. His main business …

  • Griff Bone

    Hailing from parts unknown, Griff seems to have a personal vendetta against werewolves, showing them no mercy in combat and refusing to acknowledge them as intelligent beings. Griff is dirty, antisocial, and behaves erratically--but with his arsenal of …