a mysterious being escaped from the land of the dead


Name: Malthias
Race: ?
Age: ?
Location: ?
Occupation: N/A


A being mistakenly invited into the world by a wizard interested in learning the secrets of the dead. The old wizard believed Malthias when it said that it was the spirit of a once living man, although this was a lie. Malthias took command of that wizard’s body, using him as a puppet for many years before stealing the body of a younger wizard, and so on down the years until it took the body of Nimrozaran, the last wizard in the citystate of Fallcrest. Malthias then manipulated the Party into showing him the way to the Factory of Elias Arkay, an alchemist who had discovered a way to bind souls into man-made metal bodies. Malthias had hoped to take control of Arkay’s Factory so that he could fabricate himself an infinite number of bodies and avoid death forever, but the machine was destroyed and Malthias escaped inside of the mechanical body Arkay had been saving for his dead wife’s re-animated spirit.

Malthias’ current location and activities are unknown.


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